Learn to be happier with a Confidence Cobble
                                    Simple, fun, glowing  - inspirational gift of reassurance, for all ages  


Watch the delight on children, teenagers and adults’ faces when they cup their Confidence Cobble in their hands and see it glow so powerfully. The Confidence Cobble works well by charging up with a torch but even better when it has been in sunlight – hence the new enthusiasm amongst current owners of all ages for getting outside and taking the Confidence Cobbles for a walk. 

Equally rewarding is when young pupils behave impeccably in lessons with their Confidence Cobbles on their desks and the teacher ‘reads’ each one in turn (with a torch) at the end of a lesson to see all the good things the Confidence Cobble has to say about that child – and it is returned, glowing, to that child! 

Some people have told me that they check they have their Confidence Cobble with them before they leave the house in the morning just as religiously as they currently check they have they have their phone with them!

Ideas for use in school:

  • ‘Read’ the Cobble at the end of the lesson to reinforce good behaviour and progress.
  • Have a noticeboard ‘Where will your Confidence take you?’ Photos of Cobbles in new places.
  • Encourage going outside and participating in practical activities outside usual comfort zone, for the benefit of the Confidence Cobble.
  • Have a Confidence Cobble Points Card. Earn a Confidence Cobble.
  • Use Confidence Cobble as a mediator or listener for difficult conversations.
  • Use the Confidence Cobble to hold stress to enable ‘owner’ to focus on a task.
  • Set up Confidence Cobble Club. Encourage different Year groups to support each other.
  • Have a Confidence Cobble anti-bullying station.

From: Mrs Su Broadhurst, Head, Castle Hill Primary, Gloucestershire
I love the cobbles. Thank you so much for including us in your research. We have a Thrive room in school and use transition objects with the children as a way of supporting them when they leave the room and are back in the classroom. The teachers are absolutely enthused about using the cobbles for this purpose. We are also going to take one to a child in her home who is refusing to come into school. This will let her know we are thinking of her and missing her being here. I think this is definitely a winner and with the Mental Health agenda so prominent at the moment we are all looking for ways to support children and just as needy parents.

I keep one in my pocket too. We all have tricky situations to face-like dealing with a difficult parent, talking to a room full of colleagues at a conference or helping a child through a difficult situation you know you’d find difficult to cope with yourself. I have given them to teachers in other schools to try too. On Friday, the year 6 children found out their next schools. As I asked each one where they had been allocated, I gave them a confidence cobble so that they knew, whether it was their first choice or not, we would be there to support and help and listen through the next transition. The test certainly comes when the children come and see me with their own suggestions -like they bring their confidence cobble to their SATs exams. We’ve just performed a brass ensemble at Cheltenham Town Hall. I held up the confidence cobble to the 60 children performing on stage to reassure them all would go well. It’s become our little secret code - I know how you feel - it says. This is at a time when it is needed most - when parents are keeping their children off school if there is something in the school day that makes them really nervous. Together, we can help them face these challenges and make them proud that they do so.